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We're changing the way premium domains are bought.

We’ll find some of the best domains on the internet, and post it for you to purchase. It’s that simple.

Value of domains posted last month

What Domainz has to offer you

There's a ton of stuff we're doing for you, but we'll list the best bits.

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Estimated value
We'll post an estimated value of what the domains worth.
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We'll let you know how many backlinks the domains has.
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Monthly Searches
Accurate monthly keyword searches provided by Google.
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We check every 60 seconds if domains are still available.
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Domain age
We supply the age of the domains we add to our shortlist.
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And much more..
We have so much more to offer, but we'll be here all day.

What people are saying

We've put together a few bits of feedback from what our customers had to say.

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Saving me time
I've spent way too much time in the last couple of years looking for some half decent domains, and mostly failing. Domainz changed that for me.
Joshua A.
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Quick flipping
I've bought multiple domains on here, that I later on sold on Flippa. I literally make x20 profit from doing nothing.
Hannah H.
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Favourite domain resource
By far this is my favourite domain resource I've found. The best part is all domains are curated, before they're posted!
Jake J.
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A caring company
10/10 to their support team. They took out around 20 minutes and explained to me how I could make a profit on these domains, with a 1-1 sort of tutoring. Amazing!
John K.
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Discovered new ideas
I don't buy a new domain everyday, but I do get new ideas! The domains they post are so cool and catchy that they give me new project ideas to work on.
Mike L.
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Member since day one
I've been a member of Domainz since day one and I'm yet to be disappointed. I can't find another service around that can compete with them.
Jane C.

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