How it works

In just 3 easy steps, we'll show you how Domainz works

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Step 1

We find the domains

Using our custom built algorithm, we look for all the domains that have expired on the day, and sort through them, based on various different criteria including:

  • Domain age
  • Readability
  • Value
  • Back links
  • And keyword search volume
Step 2

We post the best ones

Once we’ve made a short list of all the best domain names available for today, we post them to the dashboard so our members can access them.

Remember it’s first come, first serve. There's no premium price tag, just the standard registrar price, which means these get bought up like hot cakes!

Step 3

Rinse and repeat

The process then rinse and repeats. It’s as simple as that, we’ll keep providing our service until you’ve had enough of domain names. We’re changing the way people can get their hands on premium domain names. Especially without the huge price tag that usually comes with it.

Why not give Domainz a try yourself? And see what domains you can get your hands on.