Pricing for premium access

Getting access to Domainz will probably be the smartest and most profitable thing you’ll do.

Monthly Plan
  • Access to daily premium domains
  • Access to all domains posted
  • Domain estimation access
  • Seamlessly search through domains
  • Exclusive deals from your registrar
  • + Tons more!
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Can I cancel the subscription anytime I want?
Yup, there's no commitment here. Sign up for a month and cancel the next with no issues what so ever.
Can I share my account with my mates?
No, this is prohibited. If you're caught sharing your account, your subscription will be terminated.
Can I get a refund?
All sales are final. Unfortunately due to the nature of the business, there are no refunds.
Do you store my payment card info?
Nope, none of that gets stored. All information is handled by Stripe, so it's all safe.
How do I get notified on early domains?
Through email or slack, once you’re signed up, you can choose.
Wait, I have more questions..
Fine, fine, send us an email or let's discuss the questions in our Twitter DM's. Their open.